P937Diastolic function: essential, but under-reported. An audit from the front line

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Background: The assessment of diastolic function by echocardiography is pivotal for the diagnosis of herart failure with preserved systolic function and is an obligatory part of a comprehensive echocardiographic examination in today's practice. It is not clear to what extent this recommendation is adhered to in daily clinical practice.Methods: We assessed consecutive echocardiograms obtained in a large DGH for the presence of echocardiographic parameters which reflect diastolic left ventricular function.Results: We included 50 studies (23 F, mean age of patients 65.8+/-15.5 years); mean LVEF (reported on 31/50) was 59.0+/-11.4 %. Sinus rhythm was present 35 patients, atrial fibrillation in 11 and rhythm was not documented in 3. Of the 35 studies performed in sinus rhythm, mitral inflow E/A ratio was reported in 31 cases (89%), deceleration time (DT) in 27 cases (77%) and IVRT in one. Septal E/E' was reported in 11/35(31%) cases and lateral E/E' was reported in 14%(5/35) of the studies. Pulmonary vein flow Doppler interrogation was not available in any of the studies, and diastolic function was not commented upon in the descriptive report.Conclusion: In spite of widespread acceptance in the academic community, diastolic function is poorly assessed and rarely reported in a large representative general cardiac department.

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