In-hospital case-fatality of aged patients with hip fracture in Catalonia, Spain

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Hip fracture case-fatality in patients aged 65 years or older was studied in patients admitted to acute care hospitals in Catalonia over a 1-year period. 1222 femoral neck fractures and 1648 pertrochanteric fractures were identified. Women (76.9%) were most frequently and significantly older than men. Average age in pertrochanteric fracture was significantly higher than cervical fracture. The overall in-hospital case-fatality rate was 6.8%. Male gender, advanced age, pertrochanteric fracture and conservative management were associated with a significantly higher case-fatality rate. Multivariate logistic regression analyses demonstrated that previously seen associations showed univariate analysis. However, because interaction was observed, association within fracture and case-fatality was studied separately by gender. Men with pertrochanteric fracture showed the greatest association for in-hospital case-fatality (OR, 3.3; 95% CI: 2–5.5) compared with women with femoral neck fractures. In models with in-hospital case-fatality or no autonomy at discharge or in-hospital case-fatality or no autonomy at discharge or readmission as dependent variables, the odds ratio of death for conservative management of hip fracture were 3.7 (95% CI: 2.3–6) and 3.1 (95% CI: 1.9–4.9), respectively. This information should be taken into consideration for further analyses for long-term outcome and resource consumption by patients with hip fracture.

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