AHSG gene polymorphisms are associated with bone mineral density in Caucasian nuclear families

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PurposeTo investigate the role of alpha2-HS glycoprotein (AHSG) gene on bone mineral density (BMD) variation.MethodsA total of 665 subjects from 157 Caucasian nuclear families were genotyped at the AHSG NlaIII, SacI sites. The association and linkage between the single SNP markers and haplotypes constructed by two markers in this gene and BMDs at the spine and hip were determined by using quantitative transmission disequilibrium test (QTDT).ResultsSignificant within-family associations were obtained for spine BMD at both of studied markers (P = 0.036 and 0.005 at the NlaIII and SacI sites, respectively). Significant (P = 0.008 at the NlaIII locus) (P = 0.004 at the SacI locus) total associations at spine BMD were detected. Haplotype analyses confirmed those within-family and total association.ConclusionsThese data suggest the polymorphisms in the AHSG gene may have effects on BMD variation in Caucasian population.

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