Role of penumbra in cerebral ischaemia
MR imaging of the penumbra
Risk factors for stroke : current concepts
Stroke genetics
Risk factors for stroke : lifestyle factors
Stroke in women
Are microemboli risk factors for stroke?
Cardiac causes of stroke
Cardiovascular effects of stroke
Carotid arterial disease and cardiac ischaemia
The aortic arch
Cardio-embolism with carotid stenosis
Atrial fibrillation – primary and secondary prevention
Choice of antiplatelet drugs
Angioplasty and stenting for the prevention of stroke
Lipid lowering in stroke prevention
Symptomatic surgery – new perspectives
Asymptomatic surgery – new perspectives
Stroke in young adults – an overview
The young stroke : arterial dissections
Patent foramen ovale
Migraine and stroke
Cerebral venous thrombosis
Blood pressure alterations after stroke in hypertensives and normotensives
Nocturnal blood pressure monitored by ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in hypertensive patients with subcortical infarction
Characteristic activities at the onset of severe brain haemorrhage
Cilliary artery stroke in children
Post-stroke depression in a Greek population assessed by a postal-follow-up questionnaire
Betathromboglobulin and platelet factor-4 as platelet activating factors in ischaemic stroke, and their relationship with type of stroke, risk factors and disability
Vascular vertigo in chronic Chagas' syndrome : PICA and AICA infarctions
Role of changes in haemostatic parameters in patients with acute ischaemic stroke
The Meyer's Spot Exercise programme in the prevention of strokes
The value of potassium and magnesium from green and black tea to the stroke prevention
Decompressive craniectomy in large hemispheric infarction : low mortality rate but not functionally good outcomes
Thromboembolic prophylaxis in nonrheumatic atrial fibrillation patients : a North Israel survey
Estimating the number of acute stroke patients eligible for thrombolysis in a Greek university neurology department
Fever from intracerebral haemorrhage : therapeutic effect of Naproxen
Antithrombotic treatment in patients hospitalized for atrial fibrillation – effect of warfarin treatment on total mortality and cerebrovascular events during 2 years' follow-up
Transcatheter closure of patent foramen ovale in patients with paradoxical embolism using the Starflex® occlusion device : a single centre experience
Intraarterial thrombolysis in large brain stem infarct patients
Neuroprotective effects of semax (ACTH 4-10) in acute ischaemic stroke (IS)
Istanbul stroke registry : analysis of 1260 consecutive patients
Incidence and causes of stroke in pregnancy and puerperium : preliminary data
Stroke in Japan, its past and prospects
The frequency of antiphospholipid antibodies – clinical characteristics and ischaemic brain disease
Risk factors of ischaemic stroke in Jordan : study of 100 patients
Validation of a model for estimating stroke incidence in a population
Prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in a Spanish elderly cohort
Analysis of factors influencing the survival of acute stroke patients : a modelling approach
Strokes in young inhabitants of Moscow area
Expression profiling in activated and nonactivated macrophages : evidence for targeted up-regulation of oncogenes and transcription factors
Effect of trans resveratrol on ischaemia reperfusion induced by middle cerebral artery occlusion in rats
Treatment of stroke in rat with adult bone marrow stromal cells
Long-term subcortical damage following transient middle cerebral artery occlusion in the rat correlates to corresponding T2-weighted MRI lesion size and selective behavioural indices
Ascorbate generates oxidative stress in rat brain slices causing apoptosis : a new stroke model
Anti-thrombin therapy to ameliorate circulatory disturbance after 10 min of forebrain ischaemia in the gerbil
Changes of mean red blood cell velocity and vessel diameter by cerebral ischaemia and reperfusion in male stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHRSP)
Effects of sesamin and vitamin E on hypertension and cerebral thrombogenesis in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHRSP)
Alzheimer's-type neurodegeneration following ischaemia reperfusion brain injury
Thrombus precursor protein as a new marker of thrombophilia in stroke
Serum triglyceride levels and long-term ischaemic stroke/TIA
Prevalence and pathogenetic determinants of leukoaraiosis in a population-based cohort with a first-ever stroke
Association of memory impairment with stroke and stroke related risk factors among person age 60 or older in the third US National Health And Nutrition Examination Survey
Relations of stress coping and the stroke risk factors hypertension, adiposity, nicotine and alcohol abuse
Risk factors for carotid and aortic disease in candidate for coronary artery bypass grafting
Plaque morphology in carotid stenosis is a risk factor for ischaemic cerebrovascular events
Prior aspirin, outcome of subsequent stroke and relationship with cardiovascular risk factors
Pre-existing cardiac failure influences outcome of acute stroke
Insula infarction is associated with increased death rate
Atrial electrophysiological study in unexplained cerebral ischaemia
Stroke preceded by myocardial infarct : clinical characteristics and outcome
Cardioembolic strokes in posterior circulation
Relationship between atrial septum abnormalities (FOP and ASIA) and atrial vulnerability in young patients with ischaemic stroke : a prospective study
Searching for origin of cerebral emboli
The value of transoesophageal echocardiography in patients with ischaemic brain syndrome
Does significant myocardiolysis really occur following stroke? serial determination of Troponin-T levels
Patent foramen ovale (PFO) in young adults with ischaemic stroke
Optimizing resources : does a stroke subtype profile for a stroke unit exist?
One and a half year experience with an acute stroke unit in Turkey
Characteristics of hospitalized stroke patients in centraleastern Europe : demographic features, stroke subtypes and outcome in the MUD project
Brain CT scan in acute stroke patients : early signs and functional outcome
Predictors of in-hospital mortality in a consecutive first-everstroke population : relevance of silent infarcts detected on CT-scan at entry
Comparison of vasoreactivity and glucose utilization between haemodynamic ischaemia and crossed cerebellar diaschisis
The relation of serum interleukin-6 levels with lesion size and prognosis, in acute ischaemic stroke
Decreased level of serum thrombomodulin in acute ischaemic stroke
Determination of the cerebral hemispheric asymmetry by SPECT and its contribution to the prognosis of the ischaemic cerebrovascular disorders
Plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 for monitoring the acute phase of ischaemic stroke
Vasoneuronal coupling in patients with acute ischaemic stroke
Have the cerebral vessels of recently diagnosed hypertensive patients already been affected? A transcranial Doppler-SPECT study
Cerebrovascular reactivity in various ischaemic stroke subtypes : a pathophysiological basis of classification of Oxford Community Stroke Project
Is impaired cerebral vasomotor reactivity predictive of dementia after ischaemic stroke? Israeli-Turkish collaborative study (Part II)
Intracranial pressure and compliance : non-invasive monitoring
Noninvasive detection of intracranial stenoses
The influence of platelet activation, inflammatory factors and infectious agents on the intima-media thickness (IMT) of carotid arteries
Organization of acute stroke care
Stroke units – an overview
Should all stroke patients be treated in a stroke unit?
General management of acute stroke
Current concepts in acute stroke managements
Intravenous thrombolytics
Anti-thrombotic therapy in acute stroke
Predictors of cerebrovascular lesions in patients undergoing cardiac surgery for coronary artery bypass grafting a prospective study
The lateral sinus thrombosis in woman with prothrombin gene variant (G20210A) and lupus anticoagulant
Periodic breathing in acute and chronic stages in cerebral infarction
Supplementary cortex and cerebellar activation during motor task in chronic ischaemic brain
Study with magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic resonance angiography findings in migraine patients
Uncoupling between cerebral glucose metabolism and cerebral blood flow in haemodynamic ischaemia
The frequency of ischaemic brain syndrome in patients with migraine
Relationship between patent foramen ovale and protein S and C deficiency in ischaemic stroke in young adults
Autoimmune mechanisms of brain damage in acute ischaemic stroke (IS)
Cerebellar infarcts : clinical, aetiological and topographic correlation
Sudden loss of consciousness – could it be only syncope or TIA?
Stroke outcome : do gender-related differences exist?
Should transient ischaemic attacks be admitted in a stroke unit?
Large brain stem infarcts : clinico-radiological characteristics and outcome
Spontaneous vertebral artery dissection presenting with neck pain as the sole complaint : report of three cases
Status epilepticus in cerebral vascular disorders
Acute stroke awareness in correlation with computer tomography (CT) findings and stroke outcome
Motor weakness in stroke patients in dependence from computer tomography findings and stroke outcome
Silent infarct : does it share similar risk factors as acute stroke
Deteriorating ischaemic stroke : frequency, risk factors and prognosis
Chronic confusional state in ischaemic stroke
Cardiopathology mechanisms of cerebral infarct
Unilateral hypoakusia due to stroke in the aica territory
Assessment of neurological prognosis in patients with global cerebral ischaemia
Vertebro-basilar stroke due to prolonged cervical hyperextension during cycling
‘Top of the basilar’ syndrome : clinico-radiological evaluation
Muscular bioelectrical stimulation in restorative treatment of patients with postinsult hemiparesis
Predicting factors of elevated admission blood pressure in acute ischaemic stroke
The influence of drug therapy on carotid arteries atherosclerosis evolution in ischaemic heart disease (IHD) patients
Stroke in a patient with Takayasu's arteritis associated with systemic lupus erythematosus and antiphospholipid antibody syndrome
Cerebrovascular disorders in pregnancy and puerperium
Cerebral® : brain-derived neurotrophin regulator for acute stroke and stress brain diseases management
Acute cerebrovascular insult as a cause of dementia occurrence
APACHE II scores (acute physiology and chronic health evaluation) used as predictors of outcome in hypertensive patients with stroke admitted at ICU
Determination of the cerebral hemispheric asymmetry by transcranial Doppler ultrasonography and its value in the prognosis of the ischaemic type cerebrovascular disorders
Evaluation of the effect of the sublingually administered nifedipine and captopril during emergent hypertension by using transcranial Doppler ultrasonography
Evaluation of the vascular anomaly in migraine with the transcranial Doppler ultrasonography
Role of transcranial Doppler ultrasonography in the diagnosis of the transient global amnesia
Assessment of cerebrovascular reactivity by transcranial Doppler ultrasound and breath-holding test in patients with carotid artery stenoses and occlusions
Automatic differentiation between cerebral emboli and artefacts
Diagnosis problems in young patients with recurrent ‘stroke-like’ episodes and epilepsy
Comparison of transcranial Doppler investigation of cerebral blood flow velocities in pre and post angiographic states
Ultrasonography in tinnitus
Magnetic resonance imaging versus diffusion-weighted imaging up to 48 hours of the ischaemic stroke onset
Transient global amnesia and stroke
Primary angiitis of the central nervous system : a case presented with atypical psychiatric symptoms
Hypoplasia of the basilar artery : case report
Clinical and ultrasonographic correlations in the ambulatory diagnosis of monosymptomatic pulsatile tinnitus
Homozygous factor V Leiden mutation and ischaemic stroke : report of one case
Internuclear ophthalmoplegia and cerebellar ataxia : report of one case
Seizures after strokes – a retrospective study
Ultrasonographic evaluation of common carotid artery intima media thickness in Greek patients with acute ischaemic stroke : relation to the degree of carotid stenosis, sex and age
The use of colour transcranial ultrasound in systematic thrombolysis
Carotid artery atherostenosis in patients with symptomatic cerebral ischaemia
Ultrasound estimation of blood flow velocity in the vertebral and internal carotid arteries in hypertensives
Discrimination between gaseous and solid microemboli using multifrequency Doppler
Intracardial haemodynamics disturbance in patients with cardioembolic stroke
Impairment of cardiac activity during epileptic seizures : a relation to sudden death in epilepsy?
Clinical and prognostic significance of arrhythmogenesis factors at patients with myocardial infarction, evaluation of possibility of their correction
Electrocardiographic changes in patients with intracerebral haemorrhage in ICU
Duration of atrial fibrillation and occurrence of ischaemic stroke
Evaluation of local contractility and myocardial perfusion of the left ventricle during the dopamine test in patients with CAD before myocardial revascularization
Comparison of dobutamine and nitroglycerin influence on myocardial contractility during stress-echocardiography
The value of Holter ECG/EEG in detection ECG changes in patients with epilepsy
The cardiac complications in patients with acute ischaemic stroke
The value of examination the fraction of creatinin-phosphokinase (CPK) in patients with acute ischaemic stroke (AIS)
Cardiogenic stroke in young people
Chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency course in patients with cardiac bradyarrhythmias
Cerebral infarction and left atrial myxomas
Prevalence of apolipoprotein E genotypes in ischaemic cerebrovascular disease. A case-control study
Ankle : arm blood pressure index and risk of ischaemic stroke
Associations of lipoproteins, coagulation, heart complaints and stress coping styles
Helicobacter pylori infection : correlation with serological inflammatory indicators in ischaemic cerebrovascular syndrome (ICD)
Helicobacter pylori infection : correlation with dyslipidaemia in ischaemic cerebrovascular syndrome (ICD)
Blood lipids in patients with cerebrovascular atherosclerosis and ischaemic heart disease as a goal for secondary prevention
Intracranial vascular stenosis-risk factors
Progression and symptoms of intracranial stenoses
Ophthalmological examination in diagnostics of arterial hypertension in patients with ischaemic stroke
Hyperhomocysteinaemia is a risk factor for stroke : report of 20 cases
The degree of cerebral atherosclerosis (CA) and changes in haemostatic system in patients with ischaemic stroke (IS)
The lipid status and changes in the haemostatic factors in patients with acute ischaemic brain syndrome
Blood lipids in patients with hypoechoic plaques
Polymodality in origin and development of transient ischaemic attacks
Determinants of duration of hospital stay in a population based cohort
Atrial fibrillation and ischaemic stroke in a population-based cohort
An advanced software for clinical data management in patients with cerebrovascular disease
Stroke in patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
The Legnago hospital-based stroke registry
Sphingolipid metabolism and behavioural changes in rat focal ischaemia by L-PDMP administration
Changes in nitric oxide production in hippocampus and cerebral blood flow caused by cerebral ischaemia and reperfusion in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHRSP)
Changes of apoptosis-associated mRNA expression of hippocampus by ischaemia and reperfusion in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHRSP)
Cerebral blood flow and glucose metabolism in developing infarct