Upregulation of [3H]methyllycaconitine binding sites following continuous infusion of nicotine, without changes of α7 or α6 subunit mRNA
No evidence for calcium electrogenic exchanger in frog semicircular canal hair cells
Lesion response of long-term and recently immigrated resident endoneurial macrophages in peripheral nerve explant cultures from bone marrow chimeric mice
Neuroanatomical distribution of CXCR4 in adult rat brain and its localization in cholinergic and dopaminergic neurons
Time of genesis determines projection and Neurokinin-3 expression patterns of diencephalic neurons containing melanin-concentrating hormone
Long-term survival and cell death of newly generated neurons in the adult rat olfactory bulb
Modulation of secretion by the endoplasmic reticulum in mouse chromaffin cells
The lemniscal–cuneate recurrent excitation is suppressed by strychnine and enhanced by GABAA antagonists in the anaesthetized cat
Autoradiography of opioid and ORL1 ligands in opioid receptor triple knockout mice
Retinofugal projections following early lesions of the visual cortex in the ferret
Characterization of a novel NCAM ligand with a stimulatory effect on neurite outgrowth identified by screening a combinatorial peptide library
Sexual dimorphism in the spontaneous recovery from spinal cord injury
The respective contribution of lumbar segments to the generation of locomotion in the isolated spinal cord of newborn rat
Overexpression of corticotropin-releasing hormone in transgenic mice and chronic stress-like autonomic and physiological alterations
Reorganization of descending motor tracts in the rat spinal cord
Long-term depression and long-term potentiation in horizontal connections of the barrel cortex
Calcineurin regulates induction of late phase of cerebellar long-term depression in rat cultured Purkinje neurons
Cellular imaging with zif268 expression in the rat nucleus accumbens and frontal cortex further dissociates the neural pathways activated following the retrieval of contextual and cued fear memory
The role of the medial supramammillary nucleus in the control of hippocampal theta activity and behaviour in rats
Visual information process in Williams syndrome
Key role for enkephalinergic tone in cortico–striatal–thalamic function
Time-dependent hierarchical organization of spatial working memory