Development of glutamate receptors in auditory neurons from long-term organotypic cultures of the embryonic chick hindbrain
How to build a brain : transcription factors generate interneuron diversity in the olfactory bulb (Commentary on Roybon et al. )
Involvement of Ngn2, Tbr and NeuroD proteins during postnatal olfactory bulb neurogenesis
NMDA and benzodiazepine receptors have synergistic and antagonistic effects on precursor cells in adult hippocampal neurogenesis
Cellular transfer of macromolecules across the developing choroid plexus of Monodelphis domestica
The complement-derived anaphylatoxin C5a increases microglial GLT-1 expression and glutamate uptake in a TNF-α-independent manner
ALK (Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase) expression in DRG neurons and its involvement in neuron-Schwann cells interaction
Dopamine promotes striatal neuronal apoptotic death via ERK signaling cascades
Role of protein kinase C and μ-opioid receptor (MOPr) desensitization in tolerance to morphine in rat locus coeruleus neurons
Maintaining network activity in submerged hippocampal slices : importance of oxygen supply
Characterization in vivo of bilaterally branching pontocerebellar mossy fibre to Golgi cell inputs in the rat cerebellum
Pedunculopontine and laterodorsal tegmental nuclei contain distinct populations of cholinergic, glutamatergic and GABAergic neurons in the rat
The development of melanopsin-containing retinal ganglion cells in mice with early retinal degeneration
A centrifugal pathway to the mouse accessory olfactory bulb from the medial amygdala conveys gender-specific volatile pheromonal signals
Nicotine withdrawal-induced deficits in trace fear conditioning in C57BL / 6 mice - a role for high-affinity β2 subunit-containing nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
Relational and non-relational memory - electrophysiological correlates of novelty detection, repetition detection and subsequent memory
Activation of suprachiasmatic nuclei and primary visual cortex depends upon time of day
Visual response properties of neurons in cortical areas MT and MST projecting to the dorsolateral pontine nucleus or the nucleus of the optic tract in macaque monkeys
Motion direction tuning in human visual cortex