Neural basis of timing and anticipatory behaviors
Food-entrainable circadian oscillators in the brain
Lesion studies targeting food-anticipatory activity
Peripheral oscillators: the driving force for food-anticipatory activity
Neurogenetics of food anticipation
Feeding signals and brain circuitry
The rabbit pup, a natural model of nursing-anticipatory activity
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Food-anticipatory circadian rhythms: concepts and methods
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Timing and anticipation: conceptual and methodological approaches
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Population coding of tone stimuli in auditory cortex: dynamic rate vector analysis
Two crossed axonal projections contribute to binaural unmasking of frequency-following responses in rat inferior colliculus
Complex regional influence of photoperiod on the nycthemeral functioning of the dorsal and median raphé serotoninergic system in the Syrian hamster
Influence of photoperiod duration and light–dark transitions on entrainment of Per1 and Per2 gene and protein expression in subdivisions of the mouse suprachiasmatic nucleus
Thalamo-cortical processing of near-threshold somatosensory stimuli in humans
Involvement of paraoxonase 1 genetic variants in Alzheimer’s disease neuropathology
Analysis of the nicastrin promoter rs10752637 polymorphism and its association with Alzheimer’s disease