Functional subdivision of feline spinal interneurons in reflex pathways from group Ib and II muscle afferents; an update
Serum or target deprivation-induced neuronal death causes oxidative neuronal accumulation of Zn2+ and loss of NAD+
Widespread deficits in adult neurogenesis precede plaque and tangle formation in the 3xTg mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease
Gamma-protocadherins are enriched and transported in specialized vesicles associated with the secretory pathway in neurons
Cellular & molecular Ca2+ microdomains in olfactory cilia support low signaling amplification of odor transduction
Autaptic cultures of single hippocampal granule cells of mice and rats
Calcium dependence of the priming, activation and inactivation of ryanodine receptors in frog motor nerve terminals
Src family kinases mediate the inhibition of substance P release in the rat spinal cord by μ-opioid receptors and GABAB receptors, but not α2 adrenergic receptors
Acute genetic perturbation of exocyst function in the rat calyx of Held impedes structural maturation, but spares synaptic transmission
Adenosine drives recycled vesicles to a slow-release pool at the mouse neuromuscular junction
Intramuscular AAV delivery of NT-3 alters synaptic transmission to motoneurons in adult rats
Cholecystokinin (CCK)-expressing neurons in the suprachiasmatic nucleus : innervation, light responsiveness and entrainment in CCK-deficient mice
Differential participation of temporal structures in the consolidation and reconsolidation of taste aversion extinction
Reversible inactivation of the basolateral amygdala, but not the dorsolateral caudate putamen, attenuates consolidation of cocaine-cue associative learning in a reinstatement model of drug-seeking
The importance of recognizing paradoxes (Commentary on Madhavan et al. )
A paradox : after stroke, the non-lesioned lower limb motor cortex may be maladaptive
Time course of allocation of spatial attention by acoustic cues in non-human primates
Stimulus-locked responses on human arm muscles reveal a rapid neural pathway linking visual input to arm motor output
Association of DRD4 polymorphism with severity of oppositional defiant disorder, separation anxiety disorder and repetitive behaviors in children with autism spectrum disorder