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Astrocytes in the aging brain express characteristics of senescence-associated secretory phenotype
Enhanced role of adenosine A2A receptors in the modulation of LTP in the rat hippocampus upon ageing
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Dopamine D4 receptor activation controls circadian timing of the adenylyl cyclase 1/cyclic AMP signaling system in mouse retina
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Patterned Purkinje cell loss in the ataxic sticky mouse
Transplantation of Flk-1+ human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells promotes angiogenesis and neurogenesis after cerebral ischemia in rats
Phase inversion of neural activity in the olfactory and visual systems of a night-migratory bird during migration
Neutralization of interleukin-1β reduces cerebral edema and tissue loss and improves late cognitive outcome following traumatic brain injury in mice
Improvements in rate of development and magnitude of force with intense auditory stimuli in patients with Parkinson's disease
Cracking the almond (Commentary on Prévost et al. )
Differentiable contributions of human amygdalar subregions in the computations underlying reward and avoidance learning
Cholinergic control of cortical network interactions enables feedback-mediated attentional modulation
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