Issue Cover (October 2017)
Long‐range cortical dynamics : a perspective from the mouse sensorimotor whisker system
The involvement of centralized and distributed processes in sub‐second time interval adaptation : an ERP investigation of apparent motion
Beta‐band oscillations during passive listening to metronome sounds reflect improved timing representation after short‐term musical training in healthy older adults
Modulating vicarious tactile perception with transcranial electrical current stimulation
Processing of temporally patterned sounds in the auditory cortex of Seba's short‐tailed bat,Carollia perspicillata
Homogeneous processing in the striatal direct and indirect pathways : single body part sensitive type IIb neurons may express either dopamine receptor D1 or D2
Mirror trends of plasticity and stability indicators in primate prefrontal cortex
Ipsilateral corticotectal projections from the primary, premotor and supplementary motor cortical areas in adult macaque monkeys : a quantitative anterograde tracing study
Altered Cav1.2 function in the Timothy syndrome mouse model produces ascending serotonergic abnormalities