Corrosion resistance of cobalt-chromium and palladium-silver alloys used in fixed prosthetic restorations

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The corrosion resistance of a cobalt-chromium (Co-Cr) alloy was assessed with a view to determining its potential use in the manufacture of fixed dental prostheses. The electrochemical behaviour of the alloy was compared with that of two palladium (Pd)-based alloys. Measurements of corrosion potential and anodic polarization were performed on the alloys, and the specimen surfaces were examined by using scanning electron microscopy. Although the corrosion potential of the Co-Cr alloy was lower than that of the Pd-based alloys, the corrosion currents and polarization resistance values were similar for all three alloys. All materials showed a very high resistance to corrosion. Given that the beneficial mechanical properties of Co-Cr alloys have already been established, this type of alloy may be a suitable alternative for use in the manufacture of fixed dental prostheses.

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