Metameric effect between natural teeth and the shade tabs of a shade guide

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The objective of this study was to evaluate metameric effects, that is, the dependence of the colours of teeth and shade tabs on the illuminant used. The colours of 49 teeth of 37 participants and of the corresponding shade tabs of the 3D-Master (VITA Zahnfabrik; colour match ΔEab< 2) were measured using an intra-oral spectrophotometer (VITA Easyshade). Spectral reflectance data (from 400 to 700 nm) were recorded. Commission Internationale de l'Éclairage (CIE) L*a*b* values were calculated for D65 (reference daylight), A (incandescent light), and TL84 (store/office light) as reference illuminants. A modified metamerism index (Mod-M) and hue-angle ratios were calculated to express differences between tooth and tab colour relative to the difference observed under D65 illumination. The Mod-M for teeth and tabs was greater than unity (indicating a greater colour difference relative to D65) by 57.1% for A and by 49.3% for TL84. Hue-angle ratios of teeth and tabs using the test illuminants were different from those obtained using the standard illuminant D65. If teeth and shade tab matching is conducted using daylight illumination, the colour difference may not be the same under other lighting conditions, leading to perceptible, or even unacceptable, colour differences under these conditions.

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