Validity of the Five Factor Personality Inventory (FFPI): An Investigation in Italy

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The Big Five are nowadays the standard factors of personality dimensions. Several instruments have been proposed in the last few years for their measurement, either with adjectives or with items. A new state-of-the-art questionnaire to measure the Big Five is the Five-Factor Personality Inventory (FFPI), composed of 100 items. For this article, the questionnaire was validated in Italy with a sample of 249 subjects. Generalizibility, reliability, construct validity (convergent and discriminant), and predictive validity were investigated. Particular attention was devoted to the fifth factor, the most debated in current literature. Results fully supported the validity of FFPI and testify to its high-level psychometric properties. The fifth factor of the FFPI proved to be different from the standard definitions (Intellect or Openness to Experience), being better characterized as Autonomy.

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