Variations in National Patterns of Testing and Test Use: The ITC/EFPPA International Survey

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This study examined a range of issues relating to testing and test use in 36 countries. It also explored attitudes towards issues relating to competence in test use. Respondents included representatives of professional psychological associations, test publishers, and other groups with a national perspective on testing. For the purposes of the study, the domain of testing was divided into four areas: Educational, Clinical, Forensic, and Organizational. While detailed reports on the overall results of the survey have been reported elsewhere (Bartram & Coyne, 1998a, 1998b), the present paper focuses on patterns of similarity and difference between countries. Cluster analysis was used to examine patterns of consistency in responses between countries. The results indicate that the clustering of countries is, for the most part, not attributable to either geographical proximity or to common cultural or language factors. In reviewing these patterns, however, one should note that there is, overall, more consistency between countries within each subdomain, or area, of test use, than there is between subdomains within countries.

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