Oral Cancer Patients at Intermediate Risk of Recurrence Who were Treated with Postoperative Radiotherapy may have Worse Outcomes than Patients with No Postoperative Treatment

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ARTICLE TITLE AND BIBLIOGRAPHIC INFORMATIONA comparison of outcomes for patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma at intermediate risk of recurrence treated by surgery alone or with post-operative radiotherapy.Brown JS, Blackburn TK, Woolgar JA, Lowe D, Errington RD, Vaughan ED, et al.Oral Oncol 2007;43(8):764-73.LEVEL OF EVIDENCELevel 2 (Limited-quality, patient-oriented evidence)STRENGTH OF RECOMMENDATION GRADENot applicablePURPOSE/QUESTIONDoes postoperative radiation therapy (RT) affect prognosis of oral cancer patients with intermediate risk of disease recurrence?SOURCE OF FUNDINGInformation not available.TYPE OF STUDY/DESIGNCohort study.

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