An Automated System Targeting Outpatients at High Risk for Oral Cancer Improves Recruitment to Screening Programs for Premalignant or Early-stage Cancerous Lesions

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ARTICLE TITLE AND BIBLIOGRAPHIC INFORMATIONInitial outcomes of an integrated outpatient-based screening program for oral cancers.Liao LJ, Chou H-L, Lo W-C, Wang C-T, Chou H-W, Chen C-D, Hwieh C-H, Lin Y-C, Cheng P-W.Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol 2015;119(1):101–6REVIEWERRichard Macey, BSc, PhD (c)PURPOSE/QUESTIONDoes the introduction of an automated, outpatient-based screening program successfully identify premalignant or early-stage cancerous lesions in high-risk patients?SOURCE OF FUNDINGThis work was supported by a grant from the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital (FEMH e 2012 e C e 028).TYPE OF STUDY/DESIGNCross-sectional studyLEVEL OF EVIDENCELevel 2: Limited-quality, patient-oriented evidenceSTRENGTH OF RECOMMENDATION GRADENot applicable

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