Coffee consumption has no deleterious effects on periodontal health but its benefits are uncertain

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ARTICLE TITLE AND BIBLIOGRAPHIC INFORMATIONCoffee consumption and periodontal disease in males.Ng N, Kaye EK, Garcia RI.J Periodontol 2014;85(8):1042–9.REVIEWERSPoliana Mendes Duarte, DDS, MS, PhD, André Figueiredo Reis, DDS, MS, PhDPURPOSE/QUESTIONTo assess the relationship between coffee consumption and periodontitis in adult males.SOURCE OF FUNDINGNational Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, Grants R01DE019833 and K24 DE000419TYPE OF STUDY/DESIGNCohort studyLEVEL OF EVIDENCELevel 2: limited-quality patient-oriented evidenceSTRENGTH OF RECOMMENDATION GRADENot applicable

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