Laser Therapy is Safe but not Superior to Conventional Treatment of Peri-implantitis

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ARTICLE TITLE AND BIBLIOGRAPHIC INFORMATIONSystematic review and meta-analysis of the effect of various laser wavelengths in the treatment of peri-implantitis.Kotsakis GA, Konstantinidis I, Karoussis IK, Ma X, Chu H.J Periodontol 2014;85(9):1203-13.REVIEWERSProf. Dr. med. dent. Georgios E. Romanos, DDS, PhD, Fawad Javed, BDS, PhDPURPOSE/QUESTIONIs laser therapy, as a mono-therapy or as an adjunctive therapy, an efficacious treatment modality for patients with peri-implantitis?SOURCE OF FUNDINGNational Center for Advancing Translational Sciences of the National Institutes of Health, Award Number UL1TR000114TYPE OF STUDY/DESIGNSystematic review with meta-analysis of dataLEVEL OF EVIDENCELevel 1: Good-quality, patient-oriented evidenceSTRENGTH OF RECOMMENDATION GRADEGrade A: Consistent, good-quality patient-oriented evidence

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