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Does clinical experience make up for failure to keep up to date?
Practice corner: will it happen again doctor? Prognosis after a first seizure
Weighted event rates
Letter: From research evidence to context: the challenge of individualising care
Review: statins reduce stroke but not stroke mortality
Review: atenolol may be ineffective for reducing cardiovascular morbidity or all cause mortality in hypertension
Diuretic based therapy reduced CV mortality in older patients with isolated systolic hypertension and diabetes
Review: angiotension receptor blockers do not differ from ACE inhibitors in chronic heart failure or acute MI
Review: ACE inhibitors, but not angiotensin II receptor antagonists, reduce all cause mortality in diabetic nephropathy
Trandolapril did not reduce cardiovascular death or other events in stable coronary artery disease
Picotamide reduced all cause mortality more than aspirin in type 2 diabetes mellitus and peripheral arterial disease
Review: low molecular weight heparin reduces recurrent venous thromboembolism better than unfractionated heparin
Topical diclofenac improved pain and physical function with no systemic side effects in primary osteoarthritis of the knee
Cognitive behaviour therapy reduced relapses in recurrent major depressive disorder
Review: intravenous metoclopramide is better than placebo for reducing pain in acute migraine in the emergency department
Raloxifene reduced vertebral fractures and breast cancer regardless of prior hormone therapy use in women
The cognitive behavioural analysis system of psychotherapy prevented recurrence in chronic major depression
Foot temperature monitoring at home reduced foot complications in high risk patients with diabetes
The addition of peak expiratory flow monitoring to symptom-based self management did not enhance outcome in children with asthma
Review: bupropion and nortriptyline each increase smoking cessation rates
Review: a low clinical probability plus a normal D-dimer test result excludes a diagnosis of deep venous thrombosis
A haemoglobin concentration of 140 g/l was associated with a lower mortality risk than concentrations ≤120 g/l in older women with disabilities
A series of evidence-based drug therapy letters improved prescribing behaviour
Self measured home blood pressure was better than “clinic” blood pressure for predicting stroke in a Japanese population
Glasziou PP, Irwig L, Bain C, et al. Systematic reviews in health care. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001. 148 p.
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