Teaching evidence-based practice on foot
Finding the gold in Medline: clinical queries
Measures of association as used to address therapy, harm, and aetiology questions
Using a tape measure for intra-observer variability.
Rofecoxib for colorectal adenomas increased thrombotic events
Celecoxib for colorectal adenomas increased CV events
Review: a peridischarge multidisciplinary treatment programme reduces readmissions in heart failure
An implantable cardioverter defibrillator but not amiodarone reduced risk of death in congestive heart failure
Ximelagatran was not inferior to warfarin for preventing stroke and systemic embolism in non-valvular atrial fibrillation
Clopidogrel was effective in patients who have MI with ST segment elevation receiving aspirin and fibrinolytic therapy
Aspirin plus esomeprazole reduced recurrent ulcer bleeding more than clopidogrel in high risk patients
Review: dipyridamole given with or without aspirin reduces recurrent stroke
Prophylactic coronary artery revascularisation before elective vascular surgery did not improve long term survival
Review: antibiotics active against atypical pathogens do not improve community acquired pneumonia more than β lactam antibiotics
Maintenance plus as needed budesonide plus formoterol was better than fixed dose for severe exacerbations in asthma
Review: commonly recommended well-child care interventions are not supported by evidence
Review: early mobilisation is better than cast immobilisation for injured limbs
A functional task exercise programme was better than a resistance exercise programme in elderly women
Review: naltrexone reduces alcohol consumption (in the short-term) in patients with alcohol dependence
Hormone therapy increased incidence and severity of urinary incontinence in healthy postmenopausal women
Review: delayed pushing reduces rotational or mid pelvic instrumental deliveries but increases duration of the second stage of labour in women having epidural analgesia
Review: no single physical examination sign rules in or out osteoporosis or spinal fracture
Colonoscopy detected colon polyps better than air contrast barium enema or computed tomographic colonography
A clinical prediction rule predicted outcome in patients with low back pain having spinal manipulation and exercise treatment
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