How should clinicians interpret results reflecting the effect of an intervention on composite end points: should I dump this lump?
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11th UK Workshop in Teaching Evidence-Based Practice.
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Radical prostatectomy reduced death and progression more than watchful waiting in early prostate cancer
Review: chemotherapy and hormonal therapy reduce recurrence and mortality at 15 years in early breast cancer
Amlodipine or lisinopril was not better than chlorthalidone for reducing CVD risk in hypertensive black or non-black patients
Screening and active management reduced perinatal complications more than routine care in gestational diabetes
A lifestyle intervention or metformin prevented or delayed the onset of metabolic syndrome in persons at risk
Review: group-based education in self management strategies improves outcomes in type 2 diabetes mellitus
Review: α glucosidase inhibitors improve glycaemic control but have uncertain effects on patient-important outcomes in type 2 diabetes
Review: treatment with ventilation tubes has little effect in children with otitis media with effusion
Review: tiotropium reduces exacerbations and hospital admissions in COPD and improves quality of life
A varicella-zoster virus vaccine reduced the burden of illness of herpes zoster in older adults
A multidimensional non-drug intervention reduced daytime sleep in nursing home residents with sleep problems
Safety of a D-dimer based strategy and repeated ultrasonography did not differ in DVT and normal proximal vein ultrasonography
Epidermal lidocaine safely reduced pain in children having venipuncture at the antecubital fossa
Fatty acid supplements did not improve motor function but improved literacy levels in developmental coordination disorder
Third and fourth heart sounds had low sensitivity but moderate to high specificity for predicting left ventricular dysfunction.
Neurological examination identified 61% of patients with focal cerebral hemisphere lesions but without obvious focal signs
Perinatal environmental factors and parental psychopathology were associated with risk of autism in Danish children
Review: prompt endoscopy is not a cost effective strategy for initial management of dyspepsia
A web-based clinical prediction tool predicted 10 year survival in breast cancer
An algorithm comprising 7 baseline variables predicted the 2 year work disability status in non-specific back pain
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