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Why fair tests are needed: a brief history
Was the study big enough? Two café rules
Review: medical history, physical examination, and routine tests are useful for diagnosing heart failure in dyspnoea
Review: medical history, physical examination, and routine tests are useful for diagnosing heart failure in dyspnoea: In reply:
Watchful waiting was as safe as surgical repair for minimally symptomatic inguinal hernias
Review: empirical atypical coverage does not reduce mortality in hospitalised patients with community acquired pneumonia
Review: oxytocin receptor antagonists for preterm labour do not improve infant outcomes more than placebo or other tocolytics
Oestrogen did not improve health related quality of life in postmenopausal women with hysterectomy
Inhaled insulin added onto or replacing 2 oral agents reduced haemoglobin A1c concentrations in type 2 diabetes
Self treatment after Epley procedure was effective for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo of the posterior semicircular canal
Prednisolone plus a disease modifying antirheumatic drug improved outcomes in early rheumatoid arthritis
Improved access to emergency contraception did not increase risky sexual behaviour in adolescents
Olanzapine led to fewer withdrawals than other antipsychotic drugs but increased weight gain, glucose, and lipids
Addition of clopidogrel to aspirin, but not early use of metoprolol, improved overall outcome in acute myocardial infarction
Review: cardioselective β blockers do not produce adverse respiratory effects in COPD
Review: β blockers are less effective than other antihypertensive drugs for reducing risk of stroke in primary hypertension
Long term fenofibrate did not reduce major coronary events but may reduce total CVD events in type 2 diabetes
Review: secondary prevention programmes with and without exercise reduce all cause mortality and recurrent MI
A handwashing intervention in a low income community in the developing world reduced disease incidence in children
Low dose iron supplementation was effective in older patients with iron deficiency anaemia
The Thessaly test at 20° of knee flexion accurately detected meniscal tears
Dyspnoea at cardiac stress testing was associated with an increased risk of death in symptomatic and asymptomatic people
Review: care assisted by nurses or pharmacists provides better blood pressure control
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