The intuitive appeal of case series thinking
A qualitative approach to Bayes' theorem
Older women who use bisphosphonate for longer than 5 years may have increased odds of a subtrochanteric or femoral shaft fracture, but absolute risk is low
People aged above 65 treated for latent tuberculosis are at increased risk of admission for a hepatic event compared with untreated controls
Exposure to diagnostic radiation and risk of childhood cancer
Automated blood pressure readings in primary care demonstrate better correlation to the gold standard of ambulatory monitoring than manual assessment
Two sputum samples at once for diagnosis of tuberculosis in Africa has equivalent sensitivity and specificity to the standard initial sample followed by a morning sample strategy
A single Xpert MTB/RIF test of sputum for diagnosis of tuberculosis and multidrug resistance shows high sensitivity and specificity and reduces diagnosis and treatment delays
Physicians' calling patients on excess weight may provide reality check and increase desire to lose weight in overweight and obese individuals
Introduction of solids before 4 months is associated with obesity at 3 years among formula-fed infants but not among breast-fed infants
School-aged children who were exposed to sodium valproate in utero have impaired language scores when compared with a population mean score
Oral misoprostol reduces the risk of postpartum haemorrhage in home births assisted by trained traditional birth attendants in Pakistan
Acute otitis media
Continuous support in labour has beneficial effects for mother and baby
In children and adolescents with mild persistent asthma, daily beclomethasone reduces treatment failure compared with rescue beclomethasone plus albuterol
Sustained reduction in body mass index and other cardiovascular risk markers a year after a 12-month intensive family-based lifestyle intervention for obese children; but follow-up of participants low
Intensive glucose lowering (HbA1c target<6.0%) for people with type 2 diabetes increases mortality
In people with atrial fibrillation unsuitable for warfarin, apixaban reduces the risk of stroke compared with aspirin, with no difference in major bleeding
Tiotropium mist inhaler for COPD increases risk of mortality compared with placebo
Episodic physical and sexual activity increase risk for acute cardiac events
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