EBM, CME and the EMR
Loss of population data sources when health systems are not responsible for geographically defined populations
Implementing GRADE
Oral antibiotics confer small benefits and small harms in low-risk children with acute otitis media
A Mediterranean diet supplemented with olive oil or nuts reduces the incidence of major cardiovascular events in high-risk patients
Impact of honey as a topical treatment for wounds remains unclear
Medical management strategies to prevent recurrent nephrolithiasis are stagnant and stronger evidence is needed to reduce morbidity
Presence during cardiopulmonary resuscitation is beneficial to family members in the out-of-hospital setting
Normal diagnostic test results do not reassure patients
Combination therapy of steroids and antivirals improves the recovery rate in patients with severe Bell's palsy
Ramipril improves walking times and quality of life in patients with stable intermittent claudication
Prophylactic antibiotics for caesarean section administered preoperatively rather than post cord clamping significantly reduces the rate of endometritis
Limited impact of omega-3 fatty acids in patients with multiple cardiovascular risk factors
Self-management support has potential but is difficult to deliver in routine primary care
Lower target oxygen saturation levels in preterm infants are associated with increased mortality and decreased rates of retinopathy of prematurity
Conclusions about the benefits and risks associated with iron supplementation for anaemia prevention and control for preschoolers are limited by poor study quality
Dietary salt reduction; further lowering of target lowers blood pressure but may increase risk
Varenicline may reduce negative effect while aiding smoking cessation
Two-thirds of female smokers aged over 50 die from smoking-related causes, but quitting before 40 decreases this by 90%
Weight gain does not attenuate cardiovascular benefits of smoking cessation
Perioperative β-blockade improves outcomes in higher risk patients following non-cardiac surgery
Maternal alcohol use increases risk of infant mortality
High-potency statins are associated with increased hospitalisations with acute kidney injury
Randomised controlled trial
Caffeine is modestly associated with lower birth weight and fetal growth
For proton pump inhibitor-dependent gastro-oesophageal reflux, laparoscopic fundoplication is superior to medical therapy at 5 years of follow-up
Need for standardising adverse event reporting in testosterone trials
Lower sodium intake reduces blood pressure in adults and children, but is not associated with a reduced risk of all CVD or all cause mortality
Sublingual immunotherapy improves symptoms of allergical rhinoconjunctivitis and asthma
Text messaging interventions increase adherence to antiretroviral therapy and smoking cessation
Increased cancer risk associated with CT in childhood
Use of narcotic analgesics associated with increased falls and fractures in elderly patients with osteoarthritis
Some more evidence of long-term psychosocial harms from receiving false-positive screening mammography results
Conservative management for low-risk prostate cancer improves quality-adjusted life expectancy at lower cost compared with initial treatment
Routine antibiotics given for uncomplicated severe acute malnutrition reduce mortality and improve nutritional recovery
Inconclusive evidence about the efficacy of diverse strategies for intermittent versus daily inhaled corticosteroids for persistent asthma in adults and children
Atrial fibrillation is associated with an increased risk of cognitive impairment and dementia with or without a history of clinical stroke
Maternal vitamin D insufficiency is associated with adverse pregnancy and neonatal outcomes
Short sleep duration is associated with increased BMI in adolescents over time
Long-term aspirin use and neovascular age-related macular degeneration