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Study suggests varenicline safe and effective among adults with stable depression
The effectiveness of pressure ulcer risk assessment instruments and associated intervention protocols remains uncertain
Meta-analysis finds benefit for dual antiplatelet therapy but limitations preclude changing standard mono antiplatelet therapy approach for acute non-cardioembolic ischaemic stroke or transient ischaemic attack
The addition of nebulised magnesium to the standard asthma therapy for children with severe symptoms results in small improvements in asthma severity scores
Percutaneous coronary intervention of culprit and non-culprit coronary arteries in acute ST-elevation MI may improve outcomes
Novel anticoagulants in patients with mechanical heart valves
Neither anti-inflammatory nor antibiotic treatment significantly shortens duration of cough in acute bronchitis compared with placebo
Long-term antibiotic therapy reduces exacerbation frequency in patients with COPD but it remains unclear which patients to target
Study shows insufficient decrease in wound complications with sutured versus stapled skin closure in gastrointestinal operations
Cholinesterase inhibitors should not be prescribed for mild cognitive impairment
Neither ibuprofen nor steam improves symptom control compared with paracetamol in patients with acute respiratory tract infections in primary care
Metformin associated with better cardiovascular outcomes than other glycaemic therapies
Intermittent pneumatic compression is effective in reducing venous thromboembolism risk in hospitalised patients
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Lactose avoidance shortens symptom duration for young children with acute diarrhoea
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History and physical examination provide little guidance on diagnosis of rotator cuff tears
Population-based study provides a step towards evidence-based management of thyroid nodules detected on ultrasound
For some groups traditionally considered to be ‘high risk’, the evidence of an increased risk of severe influenza-associated illness is poor quality
Maternal obesity during pregnancy is associated with adult offspring cardiovascular morbidity and mortality but may represent confounding by other factors
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Child hunger is a prescription for depression in late adolescence and early adulthood
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Inhaled fluticasone and budesonide increased the risk of serious pneumonia in COPD
Delayed prescription worsens reported symptoms and increases antibiotic use compared with clinical score with or without rapid antigen testing in patients with sore throat
Evidence-based clinical decision support improves the appropriate use of antibiotics and rapid strep testing
Caesarean delivery for twin gestation at 32–38 weeks does not lead to improved clinical outcomes for neonates or mothers
Barbajada (coffee, milk and chocolate)