Address persistent racial disparities in academic medicine to improve healthcare quality
Not a Humbug
Induction of labour at 37–38 weeks in women with large fetuses decreases the likelihood of shoulder dystocia; however, overall benefit of early-term delivery has not been demonstrated
Low-molecular-weight heparin offers no benefit to patients with unexplained recurrent miscarriage in future pregnancy
Interruption of all anticoagulation is non-inferior to the use of short-term parenteral bridging in patients with atrial fibrillation undergoing invasive procedures
US counties with higher rates of breast cancer screening have higher rates of incidence with no concomitant decrease in breast cancer mortality suggesting overdiagnosis
Mediterranean diet may reduce Alzheimer's risk
Subcutaneous liraglutide reduces weight and improves metabolic control in obese participants
Early introduction of peanut to infants at high allergic risk can reduce peanut allergy at age 5 years
Paracetamol is ineffective for spinal pain and knee and hip osteoarthritis
Simplified sleep restriction impacts objective but not subjective sleep for people with primary insomnia in primary care
Synbiotic yogurt consumption leads to statistical improvements in child health that may not be clinically relevant
Routine iron supplementation for non-anaemic pregnant women in developed countries needs evaluation
Intra-arterial thrombectomy improves functional outcome when administered up to 6 h after stroke
Vaginal hysterectomy is the best minimal access method for hysterectomy
The success of mechanical thrombectomy in acute ischaemic stroke is strictly dependent on ischaemic core size and time to treatment
At 5 years, transcatheter aortic valve replacement had similar rates of mortality and stroke as surgical aortic valve replacement in high-risk patients
Meta-analysis based on limited data shows no evidence to support the guideline recommendation for early administration of antibiotics in severe sepsis and septic shock
A mandibular advancement device did not affect daytime sleepiness and quality of life in obstructive sleep apnoea
Primary prevention implantable cardioverter defibrillators are effective in preventing overall mortality in older patients
Prior stillbirth is a risk factor for stillbirth in a subsequent pregnancy
Postnatal environmental tobacco smoke exposure is associated with objective markers of atopy in preschool-aged children
Risks of transvaginal mesh may be associated with an increased risk of urinary retention and reintervention
Intermediate and long-term cognitive effects in older adults secondary to cardiovascular procedures is uncommon but current evidence is insufficient
Risk of new-onset diabetes with statin use should not be overemphasised
Sugar-sweetened beverage consumption is linked to global adult morbidity and mortality through diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease and adiposity-related cancers
Clinical outcomes following coronary CT angiography are comparable to radionuclide myocardial perfusion imaging for ethnically diverse intermediate risk acute chest pain inpatients
Guidelines for the management of extremely preterm deliveries in the grey zone of viability between 23 and 24 weeks’ gestation vary widely in developed countries
Delayed hospital admission until active labour may help prevent unnecessary caesarean delivery
Paediatric pain-related conditions impact healthcare expenditures
Current 10-year atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk threshold for statin eligibility is cost-effective for primary prevention