‘Spin’ in reports of clinical research
Avoiding alert fatigue in pulmonary embolism decision support
Value and usability of unpublished data sources for systematic reviews and network meta-analyses
Non-pharmacological treatment of depression
LABA/LAMA combinations instead of LABA/ICS combinations may prevent or delay exacerbations of COPD in some patients
Most add-on therapies to metformin have similar effects on HbA1c
Existing evidence is insufficient to justify metformin or other agents as first-line therapy for type 2 diabetes
Aspirin reduces cardiovascular events in primary prevention of cardiovascular disease but at a near equivalent risk of increased bleeding
Uncertainty in evidence synthesis limits clinical applicability of a clinical and cost-effectiveness analysis of induction of labour methods
Compared to conventional CPR for in-hospital cardiac arrest, extracorporeal-CPR is associated with improved survival to hospital discharge and more favourable neurological outcome
In individuals at intermediate risk for cardiovascular disease, treatment with rosuvastatin but not candesartan plus hydrochlorothiazide lowers cardiovascular disease event rates
Rate of epilepsy in people with autism and the rate of autism in people with epilepsy are high
Implementing evidence-based practices improves neonatal outcomes
Low-dose second-generation oral contraceptives are associated with the lowest increased risk of cardiovascular adverse effects
Careful monitoring of fetal growth and maternal nutritional status should be practiced in pregnant women with a history of bariatric surgery
Morphine exposure in preterm infants correlates with impaired cerebellar growth and poorer neurodevelopmental outcome
Cognitive adverse effects and brain deterioration associated with use of anticholinergic activity medicines in older adults
Traditionally taught clinical variables and risk factors perform poorly in the prediction of acute coronary syndromes in the emergency department
Determination of a single, universal threshold for caesarean section rate is not the way forward
Evidence pyramids
Letter in reply to ‘Evidence pyramids’ from Dr Kaufmann
Letter in reply to 'Evidence pyramids' from Dr Kaufmann
Where should preappraised evidence summaries and guidelines place in a pyramid?