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Cleaning the umbilical cord with water rather than alcohol shortened the time to separation with no change in colonisation
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A non-prescription analgesic alleviated migraine headache pain and symptoms
A 6 week psychoeducational programme reduced pain and improved quality of life in adults with chronic idiopathic pain
A home based intervention reduced the frequency of hospital readmissions and out of hospital deaths after discharge
A primary healthcare team had low sensitivity for detecting postnatal depression
Pregnancy within 8 months of a previous birth was associated with an increased rate of preterm birth
Higher maternal age at birth was associated with increased self sufficiency of children at age 27 to 33 years
Review: parental smoking increases risk of recurrent otitis media, middle ear effusion, and tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy in children
Offspring of parents who were depressed were more likely to have a psychiatric disorder 10 years later
Death was associated with low and high body mass index in women and older men
Depression was associated with decreased survival for hospital patients who were seriously ill
Review: case management programmes improve patient outcomes
Discovering a sense of difference was the main experience of growing up with cystic fibrosis
Deliberate HIV exposure by 6 African-American youths was rooted in growing up poor in the inner city
Integrating hearing loss was a complex and dynamic process for patients
Review: patients living with diabetes mellitus focus on learning to balance by assuming control for the management of their illness
Reimaging after an alteration in appearance or function involved 3 phases with assimilation, accommodation, and interpretation
People with drinking problems experienced suffering as a vicious, spiralling vortex that encompassed all aspects of their being