If you could just provide me with a sample: examining sampling in qualitative and quantitative research papers
Continuing professional development in Canada and the UK: how evidence-based resources can help
Antenatal oral dexamethasone for neonatal respiratory distress syndrome increased neonatal morbidity
Review: non-nutritive sucking decreases length of hospital stay in premature infants
Review: support interventions reduce cessation of breast feeding before 2 months
Soy milk decreased chronic constipation in young children
Review: antibiotics are not effective for upper respiratory tract infection in children
Review: antibiotics did not lead to general improvement in upper respiratory tract infections
Review: controlling house dust mites is ineffective for asthmatic patients who are sensitive to mites
Review: self help interventions alone minimally increase smoking cessation rates
Review: minor analgesics are effective for primary dysmenorrhoea
Review: St John's wort is more effective than placebo for mild to moderate depressive disorders
Individualised computer generated nutrition information plus iterative feedback reduced dietary fat and increased fruit and vegetable intake
Pressure bandages after coronary angiography reduced bleeding, but increased discomfort
Bladder training plus pelvic muscle exercises reduced urinary incontinence in women immediately after treatment
A nurse led programme improved physical function in older adults with chronic disease
Review: nursing care driven by guidelines improves some process measures and patient outcomes
Frequent nut consumption reduced the risk of coronary heart disease in women
Dietary fibre intake was not associated with a lower risk of colorectal cancer in women
Multiple attempts to stop smoking, even with relapses, reduced loss of pulmonary function
Early opportunistic screening was cost effective in young adults with type 2 diabetes
During cervical screening, women desired good communication with their doctor and to be treated with sensitivity
Women's decisions to seek evaluation of self discovered breast symptoms occurred in a complex social context
Patient distress after radiotherapy to the head and neck was often hidden
Fatigue in HIV infection was perceived as a barometer of disease progression
Patients focused on integrating diabetes into their daily lives; practitioners focused on glucose control