Florence Nightingale and the early origins of evidence-based nursing
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Smart Health Choices: How To Make Informed Health Decisions
Amethocaine gel reduced pain during venipuncture in newborn infants
A daily physical activity programme increased the rate of weight gain and bone mass in preterm very low birth weight infants
Review: certain types of developmental care result in some benefits for preterm infants
Whey hydrolysate formula reduced crying time in infantile colic
Chiropractic spinal manipulation did not lead to an improvement in infantile colic or reduce crying
Comprehensive follow up care reduced life threatening illnesses without increasing costs in high risk, inner city infants
Oral dosing of dexamethasone was as effective as intramuscular dosing for outpatient treatment of children with moderate croup
Review: home visitation by nurses beginning prenatally and extending through infancy prevents child abuse and neglect
Review: group based parent training programmes lead to short term improvements in maternal psychosocial health
Review: herbal preparations may improve FEV1 and symptoms in asthma
Review: oral melatonin reduces jet lag in air travellers
A video programme plus a booklet was more effective than a booklet alone for increasing patient knowledge about lumbar spine treatment options for low back pain
Review: computer generated targeted and tailored interventions are modestly effective for improving patient health behaviour
Aspirin but not vitamin E prevented cardiovascular events in patients at risk
Review: 5 community based recruitment strategies increase women’s attendance at mammography screening appointments
Nurse supported early discharge had a readmission rate similar to conventional hospital care in patients with exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Home supported discharge was as effective and safe as standard hospital admission in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
In older patients with late stage cancer, specialised home care by nurses improved survival after surgery
Children’s adverse reactions to subsequent peanut exposure were often more serious than symptoms experienced in initial reactions
Families with parents and children living with HIV described strategies to meet 3 common goals for normalisation
Patients who attempted suicide emphasised they wanted to be well cared for and receive understanding and confirmation
Chronic pain affected the way individuals viewed their bodies, their relationships with others, and their sense of time
Concepts of trust in patients with serious illness focused on physician interpersonal and technical competence
Patient and clinician discourses shaped the process of rehabilitation after a stroke