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Users' Guides to the Medical Literature
Review: early postnatal corticosteroids reduce chronic lung disease in preterm infants, but increase complications
Review: moderately early postnatal corticosteroids reduce chronic lung disease and mortality in preterm infants, but increase complications
Review: self help, media-based therapy is effective for behaviour problems in children
Review: family and parenting interventions reduce subsequent arrests and length of time in institutions in youths with conduct disorder and delinquency
Review: albumin administration is not associated with excess mortality in acutely ill patients
Review: double bag or Y-set systems reduce peritonitis in patients on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis
Total contact casts were better than removable cast walkers or half shoes for healing diabetic neuropathic foot ulcers
Listening to music during ambulatory ophthalmic surgery reduced blood pressure, heart rate, and perceived stress
An audiotaped information programme after coronary artery bypass surgery improved physical functioning in women and psychological distress in men
Review: specialised multidisciplinary follow up reduces hospital admissions but not mortality in patients with heart failure
An outpatient geriatric evaluation and management programme was more effective than usual care in preventing functional decline in high risk older adults
Review: pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions improve outcomes in patients with dementia and their caregivers
Training family care givers of people with dementia to think in a more clinical manner decreased depression and the sense of burden
A home based, nurse delivered exercise programme reduced falls and serious injuries in people ≥80 years of age
Review: hip protectors reduce hip fractures after falls in elderly people living in institutions or supported home environments
Preoperative pillow placement under the injured extremity had better analgesic effects than skin traction for hip fracture
Progression of disease in HIV infected children slowed after the first year of life
Interactive continuing education workshops or conferences can improve professional practice and patient outcomes
Low income mothers of overweight children had personal and environmental challenges in preventing and managing obesity
Parents' perceptions of obtaining a diagnosis of childhood cancer can include experiences of disputes and delays
Emergency department care of women who were abused was driven by the prevailing practice pattern of efficient patient processing
Patient taciturnity in health counselling was understood in terms of 4 participation frames
Attitudes about organ transplantation reflected different conceptions of the body
Spouses who placed partners in care homes experienced emotional reactions to separation and made efforts to maintain their relationship