Evaluation of studies of prognosis
Topical anaesthetic applied at triage reduced treatment time in children presenting to the emergency department with minor lacerations
Family focused teamwork prevented deterioration in diabetes control in children and adolescents
Review: HIV risk reduction interventions reduce some HIV risk behaviours in adolescents
Review: metered dose inhalers with a holding chamber do not differ from nebulisers for hospital admission rates in asthma
Review: stage based interventions did not influence smoking behaviour
Review: personalised risk communication may improve uptake of screening tests more than general risk communication
Review: limited evidence on regular breast examination does not support its effectiveness for reducing breast cancer deaths
Oestrogen plus progestogen increased risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women
Decision aids reduced decisional conflict in patients with newly diagnosed hypertension
Lifestyle recommendations reduced blood pressure in patients with above optimal blood pressure
Changing patients’ position in bed after non-emergency coronary angiography reduced back pain
Cardiac rehabilitation improved exercise tolerance after a myocardial infarction in older patients
3 layer paste bandages were more effective than 4 layer bandages for healing venous leg ulcers
Review: rehabilitation improves exercise capacity and alleviates shortness of breath in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Daily oral supplementation during and after a hospital stay improved nutritional status in elderly patients, but did not affect weight change
The Ottawa Knee Rules accurately identified fractures in children with knee injuries
Review: existing epidemiological evidence does not show an association between mumps, measles, and rubella vaccination and autism
Certain characteristics predicted an early fall for elderly patients in a hospital rehabilitation ward
On call paediatricians were not better than advice nurses for after hours medical advice in a general paediatric population
Review: comprehensive organisational and educational interventions appear to be effective for managing depression in primary care
Children with cancer and their families believed and expected that symptom suffering was necessary to overcome cancer
Women associated vaginal symptoms with disease and sexual infidelity
Review: lasting health behaviour changes began with critical self appraisal and small steps that led to an identity shift
Persons with hepatitis C experienced fatigue as being multidimensional with severity dependent on intensity, duration, and frequency
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