Evaluation of studies of causation (aetiology)
Higher oxygen saturation targets did not improve growth and neurodevelopment in extremely preterm infants
A case manager plus psychoeducation reduced adverse outcomes in youth with type 1 diabetes
Ear drops containing steroids were better than acetic acid for otitis externa
Review: evidence is lacking that adults given fluids 1.5 to 3 hours preoperatively have greater risks of aspiration or regurgitation than those given a standard fast
Immediate removal of indwelling catheters after hysterectomy was not associated with adverse outcomes
A nurse led smoking cessation intervention increased cessation rates after hospital admission for coronary heart disease
Selective decontamination of the digestive tract reduced intensive care unit and hospital mortality in adults
Nurse led clinics controlled hypertension and hyperlipidaemia better than usual care in diabetes
Oestrogen plus progestogen did not prevent cardiovascular disease in postmenopausal women
Review: regular inhaled short acting β2 agonists improve lung function in stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Review: group interventions may improve coping, quality of life, and social support in patients with arthritic conditions, but more research is needed
Cognitive behavioural therapy improved benzodiazepine discontinuation in chronic insomnia
Ethics consultations reduced hospital, ICU, and ventilation days in patients who died before hospital discharge in the ICU
Cognitive stimulation therapy improved cognition and quality of life in dementia
Multisensory stimulation was not better than usual activities for changing cognition, behaviour, and mood in dementia
Review: the whispered voice test is accurate for detecting hearing impairment in children and adults
Group visits improved concordance with American Diabetes Association practice guidelines in type 2 diabetes
A nurse case management intervention improved medical care given to older women with newly diagnosed breast cancer
The experiences of children and adolescents living with ADHD were reflected in 6 themes
Living with the Ilizarov frame was better than expected
Unacceptability of routine screening for postnatal depression was related to the screening process, the intrusiveness of questions, and the stigma of disease
Patients resisted attempts to link smoking to their current medical problems in general practice consultations
Gender, age, religion, and tradition influenced the smoking attitudes and behaviour of Bangladeshi and Pakistani adults
The covenantal or communal values of surgeons and intensivists influenced end-of-life care in 3 intensive care units
14 Nov 2003 to 30 Jan 2004