Reporting of weighted event rates in Evidence-Based Nursing abstracts of systematic reviews
Evidence-based nursing: how far have we come? What’s next?
Use of 2% lidocaine gel during bladder catheterisation did not reduce procedure related pain in young children
Need for endoscopic removal of oesophageal coins in children was similar for strategies of immediate removal and watchful waiting
Review: antibiotics are more effective than placebo for acute bacterial rhinosinusitis
Review: physical training increases cardiopulmonary fitness in asthma and does not decrease lung function
Paracetamol, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and combination treatment did not differ for pain relief after musculoskeletal injury
Review: dietary intervention plus exercise is no better than dietary intervention alone for inducing long term weight loss
Review: dietary plus pharmacological intervention (orlistat or sibutramine) induces long term weight loss in overweight or obese adults
Review: dietary advice improves dietary intake and reduces cardiovascular risk factors
Inhaled insulin added to or replacing 2 oral agents reduced haemoglobin A1c concentrations in type 2 diabetes
Review: antibiotic prophylaxis reduces mortality in patients with neutropenia
Review: once daily LMWH is as effective as twice daily LMWH for initial treatment of venous thromboembolism
Supplemental perioperative oxygen at 80% FIO2 reduced surgical site infections in elective colorectal surgery
Management of critically ill patients with a pulmonary artery catheter did not reduce all cause mortality
Review: hospital based case management does not reduce length of hospital stay or readmissions in adults
A telephone intervention reduced combined all cause mortality or admission for worsening heart failure in chronic heart failure
Review: existing evidence does not support nurse led interventions in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
An operational definition of frailty predicted death and other adverse outcomes in older women
Educational outreach visits to primary care nurses improved tuberculosis detection and treatment of obstructive lung disease
A multifaceted intervention reduced antimicrobial prescriptions for suspected urinary tract infections in nursing home residents
Patterns of tobacco use became an integral component of intimate partner relationships
The complex self perceptions and relationships of patients who attended free clinics affected their attendance and ability to benefit from care
Review: delays in help seeking for cancer symptoms related to recognition and interpretation of symptoms and fear of consultation and were affected by gender and sanctioning of help seeking
Conflicts within and between patients and health professionals characterised poorly controlled diabetes
4 themes described the sexual concerns and educational needs of patients with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator