The GATE frame: critical appraisal with pictures
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Review: insufficient evidence exists on the effectiveness of proton pump inhibitors for adults with prolonged non-specific cough associated with gastro-oesophageal reflux
Review: some barrier creams and moisturisers are effective for irritant contact dermatitis; steroids are effective for allergic contact dermatitis
Review: lifestyle education programmes lower glucose concentrations and reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes
Review: aspirin was effective for primary prevention of stroke in women and MI in men but increased major bleeding
Review: secondary prevention programmes with and without exercise reduced all cause mortality and recurrent myocardial infarction
Review: lorazepam provides the best control for status epilepticus
Review: laxatives in the form of fibre reduce symptoms in patients with symptomatic haemorrhoids
Review: ginger prevents 24 hour postoperative nausea and vomiting
Review: routine changes of IV administration sets (not containing lipids or blood products) at intervals ≤96 hours do not affect infusate or catheter related bloodstream infection
Mechanical ventilation with heated humidifiers or with heat and moisture exchangers with microbiological filters did not reduce ventilator associated pneumonia in adults
A pre-dialysis psychoeducational intervention increased length of survival more than usual care in patients with chronic kidney disease
Oestrogen and progestin increased urge and stress incontinence in postmenopausal women with coronary heart disease
A nurse led continence service reduced symptoms of incontinence, frequency, urgency, and nocturia
Adding topical pale sulfonated shale oil to compression therapy and moist wound care reduced venous leg ulcer size but had no effect on complete wound healing after 20 weeks
Review: sedative hypnotics may improve sleep quality but increase adverse effects in elderly people with insomnia
Review: protein and energy supplements reduce mortality and complications in undernourished elderly people in hospital
A discharge planning intervention improved outcomes in older people admitted to hospital for hip fracture after a fall
Moving elderly inpatients to a transitional care facility reduced hospital stay but increased time to transfer to long term care
The STRATIFY falls risk assessment tool was not useful in predicting falls in patients with acute stroke
Personal beliefs, experiences, and emotions influenced smokers’ perceptions of their cancer risk
Thresholds for requesting transfers to tertiary care were influenced by perceptions of the current illness and differences in perceptions of the initial hospital and tertiary care centre
Telephone support met the perceived needs of dementia caregivers for convenient access to information, referral, and emotional support
Patients and their primary care providers identified 4 goals of life sustaining treatment
Inappropriate use of medicines in acute care for the elderly related to a focus on acute care, providers’ passive attitudes about learning, and paternalistic decision making