What is quality in qualitative health research?
Qualitative data analysis
In smokers not willing to quit, counselling on smoking reduction plus free nicotine replacement therapy, compared with one-off cessation advice, increases the proportion achieving abstinence or reduction in smoking rate at 6 months
Three-year follow-up after introduction of Canadian best practice guidelines for asthma and foot care in diabetes suggests that monitoring of nursing-care indicators using an electronic documentation system promotes sustained implementation
Review of research findings suggesting nurses overreport their use of research
Use of real-time continuous glucose monitoring versus traditional self-monitoring of blood glucose levels improves glycaemic control in patients with type 1 diabetes
Best interest standards do not correlate with the reality of physicians' decision making in life and death choices
Pregnant women who experienced late stillbirth appear less likely to have slept on their left
2009/H1N1 infection in pregnancy association with adverse perinatal outcomes
Installation of safety devices reduces the risk of home injury in children
Provision of essential newborn care training to midwives in Zambia is a low-cost intervention that reduces neonatal mortality
Diabetes management can be safely transferred to practice nurses
Nurse case management with a therapeutic algorithm for people living with diabetes, hypertension and raised LDL cholesterol
Social aspect of activity stimuli is related to positive affect in persons with Alzheimer's disease
End-of-life care in two Norwegian nursing homes
In previously continent adults, aged 70 or older, use of urinary catheters or diapers while in hospital increases the risk of new urinary incontinence
Reviewing the evidence base for nurse staffing and quality of care in nursing homes
Improving the ability to predict falls among older adults following inpatient rehabilitation
Relationships between patients, informal caregivers and health professionals in care homes
Complementary and alternative medicine is popular among chronic renal failure patients – renal teams must increase their competence to advise patients with respect to efficacy and safety
Experiences of 12 patients in the first 2 years following spinal cord injury
Racial Disparities in the Incidence of Diabetes in Canada
Purpose and procedure