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What is a p value and what does it mean?
Motivational interviewing improves patients' mood and reduces mortality 12 months poststroke
Age, comorbidity and functional status influence end-of-life decisions in critical illness, while nationality, ethnicity and clinician experience influence the agressiveness of medical care
Women's experience of intimacy following their partner's first myocardial infarction reveals three common themes
Childhood onset and duration of obesity are significant risk factors for type 2 diabetes in mid-adulthood
Pain prevalence at a Swedish university hospital
Review of internet-based interventions for pain finds some evidence to support the effectiveness of cognitive and behavioural interventions, but further quality study is needed to assess the effect of peer support and social networking programmes
Concerns about medication and medication adherence in patients with chronic pain recruited from general practice
Two-year findings of an implementation intention intervention for teenage women show reduced consultations for emergency contraception or pregnancy testing and a trend towards reduced pregnancy rates
Power of peer leaders in improving self-management skills among adolescents with asthma
Are antiemetics still contraindicated for gastroenteritis in children? Solid evidence now supports the safe use of ondansetron
UK survey finds that 69% of a sample of teenage schoolgirls have some degree of iodine deficiency
Over 12 months, an immunisation navigator programme for urban adolescents increased immunisation rates by approximately 13% compared with control
Prenatal exposure to second hand smoke and adverse perinatal outcomes
The impact of gestational weight loss on maternal and neonatal outcomes
Changes in patient outcomes coincide with increased nursing hours
Does certification of staff nurses improve patient outcomes?
Advanced practice nurses use role modelling, teaching, clinical problem solving and change facilitation to promote evidence-based practice among clinical staff nurses
People with hyperlipidaemia who followed a dietary portfolio of cholesterol-lowering foods achieved a greater reduction in LDL cholesterol over 6 months than those who received advice to follow a low-saturated fat diet
Delirium superimposed on dementia is pervasive and associated with restraint use among older adults residing in long-term care
Residential care facilities providing multidisciplinary integrated care for older people achieve higher scores on 32 risk-adjusted quality of care indicators than facilities providing usual care
Malnutrition and cognitive impairment among people aged 60 years and above living in regular housing or in special housing in Sweden
Nurses trained in the use of the ROSIER tool can assess signs and symptoms of stroke with comparable accuracy to doctors performing standard neurological assessment.
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