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Pelvic floor muscle training may improve prolapse stage, muscle function and urinary symptoms compared to no training
European cost-effectiveness analysis of cervical screening strategies for women not vaccinated for HPV : in many scenarios primary HPV screening is preferable to primary cytology screening in women aged over 30 years
Women with viral STIs face dilemmas in negotiating condom use and would like direct safe sex advice from clinicians
Cognitive behavioural group therapy is moderately effective for depression, with continued effect for up to 6 months but not beyond
Review of experimental and quasi-experimental studies finds that mindfulness-based interventions are more effective than standard care for reducing depressive symptoms in adults with mental disorders
Addition of certain herbal medicines to chemotherapy may increase survival and quality of life in patients with advanced colorectal cancer
Adults with diabetes who perceive family members’ behaviour as unsupportive are less adherent to their medication regimen
Breastfeeding duration not associated with average adiposity levels in 6-year-olds to 13-year-olds, but adequate breastfeeding may be associated with lower adiposity in the upper percentiles
Longer duration of exclusive breastfeeding associated with reduced risk of childhood asthma up to age six
Physical training is well tolerated, leads to improvements in cardiopulmonary fitness and is not associated with adverse outcomes in people with asthma
Smoking cessation for hospitalised patients : intensive behavioural counselling started in hospital and continued after discharge increases quit rates; with additional benefit from adding nicotine replacement therapy
People with unhealthy lifestyle behaviours benefit from remote coaching via mobile technology
Ideal cardiovascular health in adolescence is associated with reduced risks of hypertension, metabolic syndrome and high cholesterol in adulthood
Greater intake of Western fast food among Singaporean adults is associated with increased risk of diabetes and heart-disease-related death
Newly graduated Swedish nurses show a trend for increasing research use in the 5 years following qualification, with the trend starting after the second year
Patient perception of nurse-led chronic disease management varies depending on whether this was previously familiar to them
Swedish nursing students report that campus education supports research utilisation more than clinical education, but support varies between universities
The mental, physical and emotional health of newly qualified nurses may be influenced by their psychological capital and perceived job fit
Among elderly residents of long term care facilities, a visit to the emergency department is associated with an increased risk of acquiring a new respiratory or gastrointestinal infection