Exciting times ahead for EBN
Hypothesis testing and p values : how to interpret results and reach the right conclusions
Overweight and obese middle-aged women have increased risk of venous thromboembolism, particularly following surgery
Women who receive continuous support during labour have reduced risk of caesarean, instrumental delivery or need for analgesia compared to usual care
Diet and physical activity interventions reduce pregnancy weight gain compared with control, with dietary interventions having the greatest effect
Excess maternal weight gain during pregnancy is associated with overweight/obesity in offspring at age 16 years, but maternal pre-pregnancy obesity has a greater effect
Tailoring and targeting interventions for women with heart disease : the need for gender-based approaches
A depression screening tool finds that 54% of acute cardiac patients are at risk of depression; use of the tool improves documentation and referral
A three-step critical pathway for community-acquired pneumonia reduces duration of hospital stay and intravenous antibiotic use by 2 days
Essential information about patterns of victimisation among children with disabilities
Sleep position does not appear to influence the risk of extreme cardiorespiratory events in vulnerable infants
In smokers who lapse during nicotine patch treatment, continued patch use increases the likelihood of recovering abstinence
Low-dose aspirin is associated with an increased risk of haemorrhage; but not in people with diabetes who have a high baseline rate of bleeding
Orlistat reduces weight but its cost–effectiveness remains unclear
Intravenous analgesia for out-of-hospital traumatic pain in adults : ketamine gives a greater reduction in pain than morphine but causes more adverse effects
Study of 23 advanced-practice nurses suggest that their ability to facilitate evidence-based practice among frontline nurses is influenced by their personal attributes, relationships with stakeholders, responsibility and workload and organisational context
One-on-one education and client reminders increase uptake of colorectal, breast and cervical cancer screening
Higher nurse staffing levels associated with reductions in unplanned readmissions to intensive care or operating theatre, and in postoperative in-hospital mortality in heart surgery patients
Asking next-of-kin of recently deceased cancer patients to take part in research : 11 of 20 surveyed found it a positive experience
Among elderly men, feelings of loneliness are associated with increased 10-year mortality risk, independent of social isolation and medical and psychiatric conditions
Community-based non-pharmacological interventions delivered by family caregivers reduce behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia