The science and art of theoretical location
Selecting the sample
85% of women with breast cancer reported changes to sexual well-being, with most wanting information on these changes
Hypertension during pregnancy is associated with increased risk of chronic and end-stage kidney disease
Hypertension during pregnancy is associated with increased risk of later cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and diabetes
Offspring of mothers who had antenatal depression and experienced maltreatment in childhood are more likely to experience child maltreatment themselves
Psychosocial and psychological interventions reduce the risk of postnatal depression compared with standard care
Early ambulatory palliative care visits focus on psychosocial elements such as building rapport and coping, as well as managing symptoms and enhancing illness understanding
Five to seven years after breast cancer treatment, over a third of women (37%) report persistent pain
Small study finds that 3 years after prostate cancer treatment, men may report high quality of life and functioning
People with HIV are at increased risk of acute myocardial infarction
In China the use of analgesics and sedation following paediatric cardiac surgery is variable; average pain scores are reported to be good but over-sedation is common
Maternal alcohol-use disorder is associated with increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome and infant death from other causes
Daily calcium intake in excess of 1400 mg is associated with increased all-cause and cardiovascular disease mortality in women
Prime time youth development intervention improves contraceptive use and sexual awareness among sexually active adolescent girls
Limited evidence that single-dose oral ibuprofen plus codeine is more effective for postoperative pain than either drug alone
In intensive care and bone marrow transplantation settings, daily bathing with chlorhexidine wash cloths reduces the risk of hospital-acquired infection
Nine per cent of nurses across Europe report intent to leave their profession, with burnout among the associated personal and professional factors
Modelling suggests authentic leadership from managers influences structural empowerment, job satisfaction and self-rated performance among nurses
Use of multifaceted strategies and processes at multiple levels, and passionate frontline leaders are associated with uptake of best practice guidelines on breastfeeding
Older adults reporting social isolation or loneliness show poorer cognitive function 4 years later
Community-dwelling older adults with hearing loss experience greater decline in cognitive function over time than those with normal hearing
Prescriber preference may influence prolonged antibiotic usage more than patient characteristics in long-term care facilities