The state of play in child and adolescent mental healthcare services (England)
Validity and reliability in quantitative studies
Among women planning to exclusively breastfeed, in-hospital formula supplementation is associated with almost tripled risk of breastfeeding cessation by 2 months
Blogs from 11 expectant first-time fathers reveal both excitement and fears in their new role
Non-pharmacological approaches for pain relief during labour can improve maternal satisfaction with childbirth and reduce obstetric interventions
Low-dose aspirin reduces morbidity and mortality in pregnant women at high-risk for preeclampsia
Modifiable risk factors for miscarriage identified
Women's health locus of control during pregnancy may predict risk for postpartum depression
For newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes, a low-carbohydrate Mediterranean diet may delay need for medication and improve chance of remission compared to a low-fat diet
Uncovering male and female experiences of irritable bowel syndrome
Clarification of the common aspects of dignity in end-of-life care
Patients with heart failure, and their partners, value being seen and supported together
Renal transplant failure has a devastating impact requiring greater recognition and support
Non-cancer palliative care in the community needs greater interprofessional collaboration to maintain coordinated care and manage uncertainty
A fortified follow-up formula for 3–4-year-olds reduces episodes of acute respiratory infection and antibiotic use compared with cow’s milk
Mothers of very preterm infants experience less stress and depressive symptoms if the neonatal unit has good measures to reduce painful experiences for the infant
General practice web-based decision aid improves MMR vaccination uptake
A single nurse-led educational session may facilitate transition from paediatric to adult healthcare for adolescents with heart disease
Web-delivered personalised normative feedback for college students on alcohol consumption and sexual situations reduces alcohol-related risky sexual behaviour
Two simple questions may be used as the first screening step for alcohol problems in primary care
General practice nurses report minimal support as one obstacle to implementing self-management strategies for long-term conditions
Self-monitoring and self-titration of antihypertensive medication reduces systolic blood pressure compared with usual care
Primary care professionals and abused women have differing awareness of domestic abuse
A Health Belief Model delivered by nurses improves health outcomes for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in China
Acute hospital admission can be disruptive for people with cognitive impairment, and professionals need the skills and resilience to meet their needs
Peritoneal dialysis
Physical and sexual intimate partner violence negatively affects women's mental health and their children's behaviour
Compassion is an essential component of good nursing care and can be conveyed through the smallest actions
Higher antihypertensive dose increases risk of falls in older people