Vital role of school nursing
Meeting the needs of families
Advance care planning and palliative care
Ethical context of nursing research
Persistent long-term urinary incontinence post parturition
Psychological treatment is one of the several important components to the effective management of postpartum depression
Pregnancy-specific telephone support helps reduce maternal smoking
Consumption of artificially sweetened beverages during pregnancy is associated with a twofold higher risk of infant being overweight at 1 year
Telephone delivery of interpersonal psychotherapy by certified nurse-midwives may help reduce symptoms of postpartum depression
Newer drugs to treat prostate symptoms are associated with increased risk of falls
Application of heat prior to intravenous catheter insertion to improve comfort and safety for patients requires further research
Early warning tools may assist in the identification of clinical deterioration in the new-born nursery
Patients who self-monitor or self-manage can improve the quality of their oral anticoagulation therapy
Telemonitoring improves diabetes control, but more work is needed
Staffing and nurse-perceived quality of care
Earplugs could be an effective sleep hygiene strategy to reduce delirium in the ICU
Link between length of hospital stay and mortality among hip fracture patients varies across healthcare systems
Physical activity can successfully be promoted to older adults within a primary care setting by trained nurses
High proportion of elderly patients who are admitted to hospital are entering the last year of their lives
Nursing home residents prefer fewer interventions and the nursing home instead of hospital for place of death
DemDel, a nursing-led practice-based delirium intervention, improves certain outcomes for older cognitively impaired inpatients
Self-management programme for people with dementia and their spouses demonstrates some benefits, but the model has limitations
Meaningful use of Twitter in nursing education may improve student learning and should be considered as a viable educational tool to assist in the development of digital professionalism
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