Second thoughts about palliative sedation
Fields of nursing
Care of the older person
Undertaking research with children and young people
Caesarean section increases risk of preterm birth in subsequent pregnancy
Pregnancy in women with sickle cell disease is associated with risk of maternal and perinatal mortality and severe morbidity
Alcohol consumption during pregnancy and breast feeding in Canada is prevalent and not strongly associated with mental health status
Impact of spousal bereavement for carers of people with dementia
Increased physical activity in women following myocardial infarction improves health-related quality of life
Palliative care improves quality of life and reduces symptom burden in adults with life-limiting illness
Parents require more information on how to manage their child's postoperative pain at home
Body mass index in adolescence may influence the risk of cardiovascular disease later in life
Physical activity as a core component of the nursing curriculum
Cognitive–behavioural therapy may reduce high rates of service use among frequent primary care attenders
Brief motivational intervention delivered in the emergency department can reduce hazardous drinking and risky sexual behaviour
Task-based weight management programme delivered in primary care promotes better long-term weight loss among women from lower socioeconomic groups than usual practice
Greater nurse autonomy associated with lower mortality and failure to rescue rates
Mindfulness training can reduce depression and anxiety among nurses
Spouses with partners with dementia living in institutional care develop visiting routines that help to maintain the spousal relationship
Supportive care model could be used to inform interventions and service development to improve quality of care for older people
More research needed on animal-assisted interventions in dementia
Simulated patient deterioration situations reveals taxonomy of the decisions made by nursing students
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