Variation in Men’s Masculinity Affects Preferences for Women’s Voices at Different Points in the Menstrual Cycle

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Recent work shows that humans respond to subtle shifts in women’s behavior across the menstrual cycle. In the present study, males rated voice recordings for attractiveness that had been taken from females at times of high and low fertility to determine whether levels of masculinity in men affect preferences for fertile female voices. Using a principle component analysis, we discovered that men with lower aggregate levels of body and vocal masculinity were more likely to prefer voices from naturally cycling women at high fertility. The present study replicates previous findings showing that voices from women at high fertility are more attractive, and provides some of the first evidence showing that between-subjects variation in levels of masculinity among men affect their preferences for women’s voices at different points in the menstrual cycle. These results add to previous work that show pair-bonded men who are judged to be lower in mate quality may have a vested interest in their female partners at times of higher fertility.

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