Role of chymase on growth of cultured canine Tenon's capsule fibroblasts and scarring in a canine conjunctival flap model

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Chymase is a chymotrypsin-like serine protease contained in the secretory granules of mast cells. Recently, we reported that chymase activity and the number of chymase-positive mast cells in conjunctival tissues were significantly increased during the wound healing process in a hamster model of glaucoma surgery. However, it has been unclear the role of chymase on conjunctival scarring.

In the present study, we evaluated the effect of dog chymase on cell proliferation of fibroblasts established from canine Tenon's capsule and the effect of a chymase inhibitor on scarring in a canine conjunctival flap model. After a fibroblast cell culture was established from canine Tenon's capsules, the fibroblasts were incubated in the presence of dog chymase (5–20 ng ml−1). Cell proliferation was evaluated by bromodeoxyuridine incorporation. In a canine conjunctival flap model, a sponge treated with a chymase inhibitor, Suc-Val-Pro-PheP(OPh)2, or placebo was placed in between the conjunctiva and sclera and the conjunctival incision was closed. One week after the surgery, adhesion degree was assessed, and chymase activities in the conjunctival lesion and in the areas of the conjunctiva and sclera were measured. In cultured canine Tenon's capsule fibroblasts, dog chymase significantly increased cell proliferation, and this chymase-dependent proliferation was completely suppressed by the chymase inhibitor. In the canine surgical model, chymase activity in placebo-treated eyes was significantly increased compared to control eyes, while it was significantly decreased by treatment with the chymase inhibitor. Scores for adhesion degree in the chymase inhibitor-treated eyes were significantly decreased in comparison with those in placebo-treated eyes. The conjunctival area in the chymase inhibitor-treated eyes was also suppressed to 52·6% compared with that in placebo-treated treated eyes.

In conclusion, chymase stimulates proliferation of fibroblasts derived from canine Tenon's capsule and chymase may play an important role in scarring after glaucoma surgery.

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