GenomEra MRSA/SA, a fully automated homogeneous PCR assay for rapid detection ofStaphylococcus aureusand the marker of methicillin resistance in various sample matrixes

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The GenomEra MRSA/SA assay (Abacus Diagnostica, Turku, Finland) is the first commercial homogeneous PCR assay using thermally stable, intrinsically fluorescent time-resolved fluorometric (TRF) labels resistant to autofluorescence and other background effects. This fully automated closed tube PCR assay simultaneously detects Staphylococcus aureus specific DNA and the mecA gene within 50 min. It can be used for both screening and confirmation of methicillin-resistant and -sensitive S. aureus (MRSA and MSSA) directly in different specimen types or from preceding cultures. The assay has shown excellent performance in comparisons with other diagnostic methods in all the sample types tested. The GenomEra MRSA/SA assay provides rapid assistance for the detection of MRSA as well as invasive staphylococcal infections and helps the early targeting of antimicrobial therapy to patients with potential MRSA infection.

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