Bimatoprost: a unique compound that in its nonhydrolyzed form is a prostamide and hydrolyzed form has prostaglandin receptor activity, for glaucoma and cosmetic indications

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For over a decade bimatoprost has been available to use for reducing intraocular pressure (IOP). Bimatoprost is available as a single agent in two different concentrations for reducing IOP and also in a fixed-combination with timolol. It is also being evaluated for a sustained-release drug for reducing IOP, and, additionally, it has broadened application potential for cosmetic indications, including enhancing eyelash growth. Despite significant competitive market pressure from other prostanoid drugs on the market, bimatoprost grew to become a commonly used glaucoma drug. Many eye care providers feel, and studies support, bimatoprost is as strong or stronger in its effect in reducing IOP for glaucoma patients.

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