The Galileo Italian National Telescope and its Instrumentation
Adaptive Optics
Adaptive Optics on a 3.6-Meter Telescope
The Gemini Multiobject Spectrographs
2d-Spectroscopy with the Image Scanner of the Gregory-Coudé-Telescope on Tenerife
A Two-Channel Focal Reducer for Small (Diameter ≥ 1 M) F/8 Telescopes
European Observation Network
Hipparcos and the Future of Space Astrometry
Radioastron – a Radio Telescope Much Greater than the Earth
The Spectrum–UV Mission
The High Resolution Spectrograph for Spectrum UV
General Architecture On-Board and Ground Segment for the Spectrum-UV Mission Real-Time Section
The Science Operations Centre for Spectrum–UV
A measure of Progress
Astronomical Data Archives and the Next Ground Based Telescopes
The Data Flow, from Observations to the Archive
The Astronomical Potential of Optical Superconducting Detectors
The Investigation of Optical Variability on Time Scales of 10−7–102S
Site Testing in Antarctica
Adverse Environmental Impacts on Astronomy
The Star of Tolerance and Debris Trails