Emergence of single-molecule sequencing and potential for molecular diagnostic applications

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The effective demonstration of single-molecule sequencing at scale over the last several years offers the exciting opportunity for a new era in the field of molecular diagnostics. As we aim to personalize and deliver cost-effective healthcare, we must consider the need to fully integrate genomics into decision-making. We must be able to accurately and cost effectively obtain a complete genome sequence for disease diagnosis, interrogate a molecular signature from blood for therapeutic monitoring, obtain a tumor mutation profile for optimizing therapeutic choice – each molecular diagnostic measurement utilized to better inform patient care. Would a physician or molecular pathology laboratory want to utilize a PCR process in which millions of DNA copies of a patient's nucleic acid are created when an alternative approach allowing direct measurement of the nucleic acids is possible? I would suggest not! In this article we will focus on the emergence of single-molecule sequencing, the single-molecule sequencing methodologies in the marketplace or under development today, as well as the importance of these methods for molecular characterization and diagnosis of disease with the ultimate application for molecular diagnostics.

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