Costs of multiple sclerosis – extrapolation of Czech data to Polish patients

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Aims: To estimate the direct and indirect costs associated with disability due to multiple sclerosis (MS) in Poland. Methods: Recently a cost-of-illness study was conducted in the Czech Republic, involving 909 patients with different levels of disability (the COMS study). Data on resource use from this trial was extrapolated to Polish patients and combined with Polish unit costs in 2012. The mean annual costs from societal and payers perspective were calculated for patients according to EDSS. Results: The estimated mean annual cost per patient with MS from a societal perspective ranges from 6970 EUR to 26,791 EUR. Indirect costs (production loss due to early retirement, sick-leave and informal care) cover up to 70% of total costs. Conclusions: With an estimated 40-60,000 patients with MS in Poland, the disease poses a high economic burden. Indirect costs have a substantial share in these costs. A high-quality prospective study on costs is needed.

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